In this small bottle is the magical little seed …

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Un cuento diferente, para familias diferentes

Alba is the eldest daughter of Rosa Maestro, born when her mother was 38 years old and after three years of thinking thoroughly about being a single mother. Curiously enough, she found inspiration from her grandmother on how to achieve it. Many years before, she had read an article in the newspaper and said to me: “If you do not want to marry, there are places where you can go and you come along with the baby”, remembers this journalist, who has just published the story “Cloe wants to be a mother” (Editorial Chocolate, 2012). Continue reading

The declining birth rate in Europe

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According to a survey recently conduct The declining birth rate in Europeed by the Max Planck Institute the birth rate in Europe has decreased dramatically and the cause is no other than the crisis. They talk of rising unemployment, which means that many women whose economic stability is not good enough will consider giving up or delaying maternity, with the consequences that this entails. Continue reading

Rest after embryo transfer, myth or reality?

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Reposo tras la trasferencia embrionaria ¿mito o realidad?

Embryo transfer is the last step of in vitro fertilization (IVF) / ICSI. Finally, and after having gone through a great many obstacles, starting from ovarian stimulation, ultrasound tests, ova retrieval, in vitro fertilization (IVF) until the embryo or embryos are finally placed inside the uterine cavity.

By Dr. Elizabetta Ricciarelli, Co-Director of  FIVMadrid.

Embryo transfer is, without any doubt, the most important and exciting moment of all fertility treatments. For the patient, the procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia, it can be compared to a citology because of the gynecological position as well as the speculum. In FIVMadrid, we always make the transfer under ultrasound guidance which allows the plysician and the patient direct visualization of the catheter with the embryos at all times. Continue reading

Your doubts about surrogacy

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Your doubts about surrogacy


One of the great successes of the National Show on Assisted Reproduction (inVitra2013) was surrogacy. Many people with fertility problems visited the Show for information.

Surrogacy is not allowed inSpain, that is why it is necessary to resort to an intermediary agency abroad. One of the places in the world where Spaniards more frequently resort to isCalifornia. However, there are still many people who have doubts, fears, insecurity when travelling in search of maternity. The most common question is the legal record of the baby once in Spain.

Jennifer Carrillo, Coordinator of the Extraconceptions agency inCalifornia andDenver answers some of your questions and concerns. Continue reading

Egg donation, the first or last of the options?

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Egg donation, the first or last of the options?

Single mothers with egg donation

By Giuliana Baccino, PhD Fiv Madrid Clinic

In 1978, Louise Brown was born, first child product of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Since then, more than five million children have been born by assisted reproduction treatments (ART), some using eggs and sperm from the patients themselves and others with donated gametes. This high number of births has led to numerous studies that explore different aspects of the development of children: cognitive, neuromotor, behavioral, affective, among others. Studies have been mainly conducted with children product of ICSI. Continue reading

Eva, the best decision of my life

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Eva, the best decision of my life


My name is Elizabeth, and I am writing this while my daughter Eva is sleeping in her crib

Eva is 15 months old, and it’s mine, only mine. She is the world’s most desired girl.

At the age of 10 and after a traumatic experience, we moved to Sevilla. I would not fall in love easily until I met the love of my life at 17, with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life, and the most important thing for me, raise a family together, get pregnant, feel a baby inside me, give birth, which was always my greatest wish. In fact, from very young I started to babysit, I loved children.

Despite falling in love with him at 17, I did not start dating him until I was 20. As I loved him with my soul and heart, I gave everything for him, I would have given my life if it had been necessary.

I became a primary school teacher after taking public exams. At the beginning, I replaced other teachers here and there and grew up as a person. I learned so much these years! I met so many wonderful people! I will never forget them

The years went by and our relationship began to fail or maybe I realized that something was going wrong. I wanted to buy an apartment, live with him, have children (I loved children, I wanted to have one of my own), I think that after seven years of dating, I was not asking for too much, was I?   Continue reading

Single mothers by choice

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Almost 40% of the women to resort to a fertility treatment do it on their own

There are more and more women every day who decide to be single mothers without the support of a couple and they do it through assisted reproduction techniques. Almost 40% of the women who undergo these kind of treatments do it alone, according to updated data offered by the clinics of assisted reproduction. This increase has also been favoured by the obstacles faced by these women when they try to adopt a child in their own  countries or aborad. The lastest data of the Spanish Institute of Fertility talk about more than 1,500 women annually who decide to be single mothers by means of a donor in Spain; this number must be increased with the foreign women who undergo these treatments in Spain because the laws in their countries are not so permissive.

Tourism for reproduction purposes is becoming very important in Spain. In France, for example, assisted reproduction treatments are only available and allowed to heterosexual couples, married or proving that they have lived together for two years, only if they meet the fertile age, which their assisted reproduction law envisages. In Italy, it is exactly the same. In Portugal, it is legal for married couples or couples who have lived together for two years, provided that they have not separated by any means. In Germany, there is no regulation about this but the social security does not cover it when gametes of a donor are needed. Also, in Austria, women without a couple are neither allowed to be mothers through assited reproduction tecnhiques. Continue reading

Do you need a surrogate mother to be a mother?

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One of the methods to wich couples, gays couples and single mothers demand when they cannot have children is a surrogate motherhood through a surrogacy agency, not in Spain because is not allowed, but in United States. Extraordinary Conceptions. LLC. is the leader surrogacy in United States, and tells us through this interview with one of their specialists, Stephanie M. Caballero, everything you should know about surrogate motherhood.

.- What is surrogate motherhood?

A caring woman who wants to help you have a family

.- What are the functions of a surrogacy agency?

We educate you and guide you through out the process by acting as a link between you and your surrogate from the matching process up until you are back to your Country safe with your new born. We are here for you every step of the way to make sure it is a smooth and easy process

.- Are there people who envisage this option as a commercialization with the will of people to become parents? If they are we don’t work with people that sees this process as “commercialization”, It won’t be acceptable as a principal. We only help future parents that are doing the cycle for their own propose of achieving to have a family on their own.

.- What types of surrogate motherhood are there?

There traditional and gestational surrogates.

.- If a single person or couple in Spain wanted to resort to surrogate motherhood and would be willing to hire the services and advice of the agency, what are the steps she or he would have to take?

1st step will be to have a conference call between the agency and the intended parent, that way we know more about what are they looking for in a surrogate. We will provide a list of the surrogates that are best for the IP.

2nd Agency will refer IP to IVF clinics if one has not being chosen by the IP.

3rd Complete intended parent profile in order for surrogate to get to know the IP prior to the match

4th Once IP has the meeting with GC of their choice and the parties chose to move forward the next step will be for the GC to start the medical screening process with the IVF Clinic
Continue reading is an official partner at inviTRA2013, Assisted Reproduction Show

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This is the first show on assisted reproduction for Spanish patients to be held at Feria Valenciafrom October, 18th to October, 20th this year.

The web is a reference for those who are either interested in being a single-parent family or who are in that situation by circumstances of life.This practice has been getting more common over time in Spain, thus more and more families are made up of a single parent every day, and hence its importance at inviTRA 2013.

The organization of the Assisted Reproduction Show 2013 falls upon the Feria Valencia and the online magazine Reproduccion that launched the project to fulfill the desire of their own readers to set up a meeting point to talk about all their concerns on assisted reproduction. The best fertility clinics inSpain will be present at the event and it will be aimed at heterosexual couples, homosexual women and single women who want to be mothers.

International surrogacy agencies, focused on hererosexual couples who have difficulties in the process of pregnancy, male homosexual couples and single men will also attend inviTRA 2013.

There will also be present several companies dedicated to the preservation of the umbilical cord, fertility products and medical insurance companies ready to inform people. The organization points out that there will also be free talks and thus the show will become a benchmark for information and solutions to your eventual questions or doubts.

Mother through ova donation

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Iki García

Mother through ova donation

Suddenly, one day your instinct of maternity awakens. However, weeks and months go by and even years and the desire to become a mother gets frustrated. The gynaecologist has the answer to so much uncertainty; your own ova do not fecundate. Confused emotions fill your heart and the word ova donation is mentioned for the first time. Another woman´s ova could fulfill your desire of becoming a mother. They are not your own genes but does it really matter?

Many more women go through this situation every day. A late maternity, a fertility problem …. However, the new Spanish Reproduction Assisted Law, which is one of the most progressive in Europe, offers you one last chance: a donated ovum. IkiGarcía is a psychologist and mother of twins through ova donation, besides she is the facilitator of the ova donation psychology forum

By Rosa Maestro

.- Why and when did you decide to resort to ova donation?

“When I was finally determined to become a mother, I realized that I could not get pregnant with my usual partner. We decided then to see the social security doctor specialized on infertility, and they carried out some tests and the diagnosis was an alteration in my hormonal values, but they did not tell me anything else. I was 40 years old at that time. As a result of another problem of my partner we were diverted to another autonomous region and I was turned down because of my age, 41. Then I went to a private clinic of which I had very good references; they examined the tests of the public health system and they told me hat it was difficult for me to get pregnant with my own ova. It was a big disappointment for me because I was persuaded that there would be a solution to my hormone problem. The gynaecologist spoke to me very clearly and straight forward and told me that I could try it with my own ova but it depended on how much money I was ready to spend and how many times I was willing to try, but the probabilities were scarce. Then he spoke to me about ova donation and its feasibility. I was rather reluctant at first and I asked what he would do in my case. He told me straight forward, ova donation. I wanted to die. My partner was determined from the very first moment but it took me some time to make up my mind. I remember it was late October 2006 and I did not go back to the doctor until January 2007”. Continue reading

Extraordinary Conceptions readies for Europe

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Masola.Org + Vientres de alquiler

Jennnifer García, coordinadora de Extraordinary Conceptions

Whenever Extraordinary Conceptions travels the world for its complimentary educational receptions, quite naturally, the dreams of parenthood follow.

Extraordinary Conceptions, an international egg donor and surrogacy agency based in San Diego County, continually garners the attention of intended parents around the globe. Its years of experience, coupled with compassion and integrity enables them to be one of the most sought after agencies. Continue reading

Do you want to be a single mother by choice?

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Do you want to be a single mother?

If you want to be a mother but you don´t have a boyfriend or you have a girlfriend, in Spain the law on assisted reproduction gives you access to a treatment of a donor-assisted reproduction. Every year 40 of Spanish women who undergo one of these treatments in Spain are single women. If you want to be a single mother by choice, contact with on this website you can provide information, help or recommend some clinics that also being single make us special discounts and get in touch with professionals. is the only Spain specialised website in single-parent families and single mothers by choice.