Do you need a surrogate mother to be a mother?

One of the methods to wich couples, gays couples and single mothers demand when they cannot have children is a surrogate motherhood through a surrogacy agency, not in Spain because is not allowed, but in United States. Extraordinary Conceptions. LLC. is the leader surrogacy in United States, and tells us through this interview with one of their specialists, Stephanie M. Caballero, everything you should know about surrogate motherhood.

.- What is surrogate motherhood?

A caring woman who wants to help you have a family

.- What are the functions of a surrogacy agency?

We educate you and guide you through out the process by acting as a link between you and your surrogate from the matching process up until you are back to your Country safe with your new born. We are here for you every step of the way to make sure it is a smooth and easy process

.- Are there people who envisage this option as a commercialization with the will of people to become parents? If they are we don’t work with people that sees this process as “commercialization”, It won’t be acceptable as a principal. We only help future parents that are doing the cycle for their own propose of achieving to have a family on their own.

.- What types of surrogate motherhood are there?

There traditional and gestational surrogates.

.- If a single person or couple in Spain wanted to resort to surrogate motherhood and would be willing to hire the services and advice of the agency, what are the steps she or he would have to take?

1st step will be to have a conference call between the agency and the intended parent, that way we know more about what are they looking for in a surrogate. We will provide a list of the surrogates that are best for the IP.

2nd Agency will refer IP to IVF clinics if one has not being chosen by the IP.

3rd Complete intended parent profile in order for surrogate to get to know the IP prior to the match

4th Once IP has the meeting with GC of their choice and the parties chose to move forward the next step will be for the GC to start the medical screening process with the IVF Clinic

.- Is it legal to hire a surrogate mother?

Yes it is What countries is it legal in? Surrogacy is legal in Canada and throughout the United States.

.- Among the countries where it is allowed, what is the most permissive law on surrogacy?

Definitely, in the United States.

.- What sort of contract would it be?

They will be two types of contract, one with the agency and one with the surrogate. The contract related to the surrogate, starts once the surrogate has been medically approved by the IVF doctor. After legal has been completed between you and your surrogate, legal clearance will be issued and that is when she can start her medication.

Also, there is a legal process that is not a contract but it is Court related and that will be the establishment of parentage, which starts around the 12th week of pregnancy.

.- Spain is claiming legalization of surrogate motherhood. If the agency became legal, would it be located in Spain?

We are always open to possibilities and it will great if we can be physically present in Spain and meanwhile, is there any kind of penalty to those who break the law by hiring a surrogate mother abroad? Not in Spain than I’m aware of.

.- Once the couple is determined to do so, what about travelling procedures, boarding and so on?

There will be a total of 2 travels minimum; one to leave the genetic material (when applicable) and the other to pick up the baby or babies, the agency will help with travel arrangements if need it

.- What expenses do parents have to face?

IVF Clinic

Agency cost; GC and ED (if applicable), including legal (contracts and parentage process)

Insurance for the surrogate mother and baby

.- Who are the surrogate mothers?

The caring women who are helping you have your family

.- Can you choose your surrogate mother?

Yes you can If a sperm donor is needed, can you know who the donor is? Please talk with your IVF doctor as he/she will help you in choosing a sperm donor

.- Do you finally get to know the surrogate mother?

After you have chosen a surrogate to work with, you will have a Skype call or conference call with her over the phone. We will as well exchange personnel information between you and your surrogate as well so you can get to know each other.

.- How long does the whole process take?

From start the finish about a year

.- How many times will you have to travel?

Two times, Is it absolutely necessary to spend long stays in the country where surrogacy will take place? Depends on the circumstances, if you are using your genetics for the surrogacy process then you will be here for at least a week or more. And about 4 to 6 weeks, for the birth of your child, as you will need to be here before the birth and after.

.- If pregnancy succeeds, where will birth take place?

The State and county where your surrogate resides

.- What happens after the baby is born?

Your family is now complete, your will start working on the process on getting baby’s birth certificate and passport.

.- Does the surrogate mother give up care of the baby as soon as it is born?

Yes she does, as soon as your baby is born

.- What will happen if the surrogate mother repents from it and does not want to give the baby when it is born?

There is a court order that the IP is the parents so she has no parental right s to the baby.

.- Is there a contract to force the mother to hand in the baby she has given birth to?

Yes and it is the Parental Establishment process and that will guarantee your name on the birth certificate not the surrogate’s name.

.- And what about if the baby is born with some kind of problem?

If there are problems with your baby when he or she is born they will be in the hospital and released once the doctor states they are okay to leave.

.- Can you keep in touch with the surrogate mother if you wish?

Yes you can have as much contact as you would like to.

.- Once the parents are back in Spain, what types of obstacles may they face?

We are working more proactive to make sure that this doesn’t occur, and we are working with a Spanish attorney who works in family law and adoption. And in that case, how can they solve them? The Spanish attorney will work with you as all cases are different

Author: Rosa Maestro

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