In this small bottle is the magical little seed …

Un cuento diferente, para familias diferentes

Alba is the eldest daughter of Rosa Maestro, born when her mother was 38 years old and after three years of thinking thoroughly about being a single mother. Curiously enough, she found inspiration from her grandmother on how to achieve it. Many years before, she had read an article in the newspaper and said to me: “If you do not want to marry, there are places where you can go and you come along with the baby”, remembers this journalist, who has just published the story “Cloe wants to be a mother” (Editorial Chocolate, 2012).

Rosa Maestro could almost be defined as an activist of single mothers. In fact, she is the creator of the web masola, an information site for single mothers by choice, where you can find discounts from IVF clinics for single women to news about tax disadvantages faced by single-parent families, among others. The website also has a forum and it is there where Rosa Maestro detected a doubt that was repeated again and again among single mothers. How can I talk to my son or daughter about his/her origin? “As soon as the first year is over, when the mothers are too busy looking after their babies, all the mothers begin to worry about how to tell them in the future”, she remarks.

That was what made the journalist decide to turn into printed story what she was already telling her daughter since she was just three years old. An explanation which obviously did not include the technical term of her choice of assisted reproduction, artificial insemination by donor (AID, a technique not available in many clinics, which is much cheaper than in vitro fertilization (IVF), that was exactly what her grandmother had read about in the newspaper some years before.

I was lucky enough to get pregnant the very first time. At the time, it cost me about 800 euros, now I think it is around 1.400. “The fact that I had a permanent job helped a lot in my decision (I worked in the press division of a large company) and also that I owned a flat and I had travelled around the world enough”, recalls the journalist.

Rosahad no problem at all to tell their friends, who thought it was great, nor the family. Only one of her brothers showed some concern about it, but today it is over.

Rosa Maestro also transmitted her daughter this naturalness when she told her about her origin. “When she was three, I made up this story with which she grew up”, she says. The story is simple, and of course, does not speak about donors, clinics or ovarian stimulation. There is a doctor, yes, named as Dr. Wonders on purpose. It is he who puts the magic seed in Cloe´s tummy in the recently published story. The seed, when Alba was three, appeared in a jar inside a box in the shape of a star that her mother had found under her pillow, after asking the Perseid shooting star to make her strongest desire come true: “To be a mom without a dad”.

To convert this tale, whichRosatold her daughter at all times – in the car, at bedtime … into a printed book required some effort by the author. First, she had to find a publisher to support her in this venture. The newly created publishing house “Editorial Chocolate” offered to help her and contributed with 50% of the expenses to print the first issue of 1.000 copies. The rest was given by the author. “We have not covered expenses yet and we do not aim at obtaining much profit”, says Miss Maestro.

I also had to turn spoken language into written language and this was done with the help of a number of people: a psychologist, specialized in assisted reproduction, a children editor or proofreader and an illustrator, Barbara Guillén Feltrer. The result of all this was “Cloe wants to be a mother” and it can be purchased by 15 euro on a blog created for this purpose and in some IVF clinics.

“It is not only for mothers by IAD, but also for those who have opted for IVF”, says the author, who adds that this is the first of a series of a collection of different families. “The next will be on children born with donor eggs and/or sperm,” she concludes. Given the progress of assisted reproduction techniques and the growing variety of family models, it is quite likely for Rosa to have a lot more to write about in the near future.     

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Author: Rosa Maestro

Periodista, comunicadora, madre sin pareja con donante de esperma y por adopción internacional, fundadora de la web y autora de los cuentos infantiles #reproducciónasistida "Cloe quiere ser mamá..", "Nora y Zoe, dos mamás para un bebé" y "Lucía y e cofre mágico de la familia".