Mother through ova donation

Iki García Mother through ova donation Suddenly, one day your instinct of maternity awakens. However, weeks and months go by and even years and the desire to become a mother gets frustrated. The gynaecologist has the answer to so much uncertainty; your own ova do not fecundate. Confused emotions fill your heart and the word ova donation is … Continue reading “Mother through ova donation”

Single mothers by choice

Almost 40% of the women to resort to a fertility treatment do it on their own There are more and more women every day who decide to be single mothers without the support of a couple and they do it through assisted reproduction techniques. Almost 40% of the women who undergo these kind of treatments do it alone, according to … Continue reading “Single mothers by choice”

Raúl Jarco nos cuenta por qué decidió donar esperma

Raúl Jarco (seudónimo), es uno de los muchos donantes de esperma que a menudo acuden a una clínica para ayudar a otras personas a tener una familia. Aquí nos cuenta lo que le motivó y le llevo a donar su esperma.