Do you want to be a single mother by choice?

Do you want to be a single mother?

If you want to be a mother but you don´t have a boyfriend or you have a girlfriend, in Spain the law on assisted reproduction gives you access to a treatment of a donor-assisted reproduction. Every year 40 of Spanish women who undergo one of these treatments in Spain are single women. If you want to be a single mother by choice, contact with ( on this website you can provide information, help or recommend some clinics that also being single make us special discounts and get in touch with professionals. is the only Spain specialised website in single-parent families and single mothers by choice.

Author: Rosa Maestro

Periodista, comunicadora, madre sin pareja con donante de esperma y por adopción internacional, fundadora de la web y autora de los cuentos infantiles #reproducciónasistida "Cloe quiere ser mamá..", "Nora y Zoe, dos mamás para un bebé" y "Lucía y e cofre mágico de la familia".