Extraordinary Conceptions is bringing surrogacy options to Europe

Maternidad subrogada en Extraordinary conceptions

The largest international surrogate and egg donor agency in the United States is scheduling a European visit in May 2015. They are traveling to Europe and meeting personally with individuals who want to make parenthood dreams come true. Their knowledgeable team will be providing information about surrogacy in the United States. Extraordinary Conceptions

Your doubts about surrogacy

La duda principal de los padres por Gestación Subrogada es cómo registrar al bebé

One of the great successes of the National Show on Assisted Reproduction (inVitra2013) was surrogacy. Many people with fertility problems visited the Show for information. Surrogacy is not allowed inSpain, that is why it is necessary to resort to an intermediary agency abroad. One of the places in the world where Spaniards more frequently resort … Continue reading “Your doubts about surrogacy”